Jana Horálková

Head-dress for a donkey and for a man

People use the phrase “you behave like a jack-ass”. Why did we decide to compare ourselves just with a donkey? Donkeys can seem really stubborn and quite apathetic. It is probably a result of conditions where they have originally lived and probably also the reason why they seem silly looking to us.
My jewellery is inspired by fairy-tales where we can see how people are making jokes about donkeys while sitting on their back holding a long stick with food in front of their muzzle. Poor donkey follows this piece of food unthinking, without any chance to ever catch it. What do people follow unthinkingly? It is people themselves. The danger does not lie in one man following the crowd, but in a possibility that it can change and the crowd starts to follow one person. In the case of the head dress for a donkey there is a carrot on the end of the stick, in the case of the head dress for a man there are another faces blending together into crowd in front of your eyes. There is a system on the top of the head dress which makes it possible to turn the stick round, so the “crowd” is behind the head of the one wearing it.