Jana Horálková

According to how we live, what are our values, habits, which objects we like and importantly which needs we have, we shape our living space. And – with no less importance – there are shelters such as shells, holes, nests, eggs, seeds,... or protective systems carried out directly by the body. All those systems are made in order to form a space which differs from the surrounding space. It can provide another condition, evoke or restrict certain activities.

My goal is to create spaces which give certain experience by specific condition we find inside the space-inside of the sculpture we have to enter to perceive it. The sculpture becomes sort of shell for the moment when the viewer is inside. We are often limited to express ourselves in the space we occupy. Than it becomes still more interesting to create own space, without any limitations. Any space like that, created with as little restrictions as possible can reply to certain need, even temporary one, and turn from private into personal.